Bulwell school’s Wizard of Oz show ‘triumph’

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More than 50 stage-struck pupils at Bulwell’s Hempshill Hall Primary School have delighted audiences with a sparkling production of Frank L Baum’s classic tale The Wizard of Oz.

A stunning show of talent by 11-year-old Macey Wesseldine in the demanding role of Dorothy Gale provided the bedrock for the show’s success.

Macey, who lives in Bulwell, showed star quality as the farmer’s daughter who is transported into Munchkinland on the wings of a furious tornado.

In the land of Oz, she teams up with three unlikely allies in the shape of a talking scarecrow, a cowardly lion and a cantankerous tin man.

The trio, played respectively by Harry Davies, R’Amarnie Bailey and Jayden Smith, made a big impact and provided many a laugh on their perilous journey to the Emerald City.

The intrepid heroes incur the wrath of the Wicked Witch of the West who seeks revenge after her sister is killed on their arrival and from then on the evil adversary played with great style by Joyce Ndungu plagues their lives.

At the Emerald City Dorothy and her companions finally meet the deceiving Wizard played by TG whose broken promises puts their lives at risk.

This was no ordinary show by Hempshill’s young stars and inspired by their director Rosemary Lishman and musical director Jo Needham, the talented cast earned full marks for their “magnificent efforts”.

The school’s headteacher, Helen Ridge, described the production as “a triumph of teamwork!”.

“Down the years we have put on many productions and this brilliant show has outshone them all,” she said.

“As well as the performers so many people have played a big part in its success providing costumes, make-up, scenery,technical expertise and wonderful support.

“My congratulations to everyone who has helped to make Dorothy’s journey to Oz a fun-packed experience and one that will live in the memory for many years to come.”