Bulwell slimming club celebrate successful weight loss

A SLIMMING club in Bulwell celebrated a very merry Christmas — after members lost a combined total of 43 stone as part of a 12-week challenge to slim down for the festive season.

The BULWELL ACADEMY SLIMMING WORLD GROUP got into the Yuletide spirit when members embarked on their ‘Countdown To Christmas’ weight-loss mission last October.

They started with a Christmas party complete with lots of health food. And to mark their success, they threw a celebratory second Christmas party in December.

Gayle Gee, who runs the group based at Bulwell Academy off Hucknall Lane, said: “Some people thought we were bonkers holding a Christmas party that early.

“We surprised even more people when we said there was still plenty of time to lose a stone or more before Christmas and make their Christmas dreams come true.

“But members of the Bulwell Academy Slimming World Group are proof that we were right.”

One of the star members was Dawn Parkes, of Aspley, who lost 1st 7lb during the 12-week campaign, making an impressive 4st 10lb altogether since joining Slimming World last June.

She said: “I love Christmas but I wasn’t looking forward to it knowing I’d be feeling overweight and frumpy at family gatherings and parties.

“I can’t believe how different I looked and felt in just 12 weeks. I didn’t had to do anything drastic either — just make small easy changes to my eating and activity levels. I’ve got the tools to be healthy for life now.

“We’ve had such a great time at Slimming World too, sharing recipes, tips and encouragement to reach our goals. We’d never have lost so much weight without each other’s support, and I wouldn’t be without my new friends at the group each week now.

“I feel happier, healthier and full of confidence. Slimming down is the best Christmas present I could have given myself!”