Bulwell woman jailed for five years after gun found under her bed

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A Bulwell woman who kept a gun under her bed has been jailed for five years.

Kirsty Brealey, of Broad Eadow Road, Bulwell, was sentenced to five years behind bars after pleading guilty to possession of a firearm and possession with intent to supply cocaine.

The 23-year-old was sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court today (Friday 8 November 2013) after pleading guilty at an earlier hearing.

The court heard that Brealey was an associate of Declan Madigan who was jailed for 11 years last week (Thursday 31 October 2013).

Madigan had instructed others to fire shots at a house in Watford Road on Sunday 28 November 2011 at about 9pm.

He had then given Brealey a sawn-off pump action shotgun used in the attack.

After police officers found Brealey with Madigan at his address in Lyle Close, Kimberley whilst executing a search warrant there, they found cocaine in a bag belonging to her, arrested her and went on to search her home.

Officers found the shotgun, a spent cartridge and two live cartridges, in a carrier bag under Brealey’s bed.

Despite claiming to have no knowledge or involvement in the offence Brealey stored the bag for Madigan, suspecting that it contained a gun. She was sentenced to five years for possession of a firearm and two years, to run concurrently, for possession with intent to supply cocaine.

Detective Constable Marvyn Johnson, of Vanguard, said: “Madigan had given out his weapons in an effort to distance himself from the shooting which he ordered.

“Last year Vandell Wright was sentenced to seven years for the same offences as Brealey.

“Today’s sentence serves as a strong message that any involvement with illegal firearms and criminality can lead to a prison sentence.

“Brealey may not have been involved in the events of 28 November 2011 but by taking the weapon given to her by Madigan she was complicit in his criminal actions.

“The judge in this case has made it clear that any such involvement only serves to aid criminal behaviour and has sentenced Brealey accordingly – finding no cause for leniency despite the argument put forward by her legal team that the delay in sentencing caused by Madigan’s case and her now settled home life amounted to exceptional circumstances.

“I would urge anyone who is put in such a position to get in touch with police or Crimestoppers. The judicial system will not make exceptions for women or anyone who aids an offender. If you want to talk to us about involvement in gangs or firearms please get in touch with our Vanguard team. Don’t become the next person serving a prison sentence.”

Vanguard was launched by the Force in 2008 as a large-scale, ongoing, investigation to target violent offenders, including those involved with drugs and firearms, in Nottingham.

The team of specially trained detectives, intelligence officers, and experts in areas such as drugs and mobile phone interrogation focus solely on urban groups linked to crime through intelligence-driven, overt and covert policing. f