Burglar attacked homeowner with vase because of fear

A TEENAGE burglar lashed out in fear and attacked a home-owner with a vase as he was confronted inside a house in Bulwell.

Anthony Carey, who was 16 at the time of the break-in and is now 17, said he had been aware of the case of young house-raider Tyler Juett who had died from stab wounds after being discovered by a resident during a burglary elsewhere in Nottingham.

Nottingham Crown Court heard that Carey was found by the home-owner late one night after the man and his son had been woken by the sound of a front window being broken.

Carey picked up the vase and smashed it over the man’s head. The victim, who later received hospital treatment for cuts, let go, and Carey escaped.

But the teenager was picked up by police soon afterwards, along with lookout Cameron Green.

Initially, both denied being involved in the burglary. But they were linked to the offence by glass fragments.

Carey, of no fixed address, who is already serving four years for stabbing a man in the thigh, pleaded guilty to burglary and assault causing actual bodily harm.

He was given 12 months’ detention and training for each count. The sentences will run alongside his current jail-term.

The judge, Recorder Jason MacAdam, said Carey was a “prolific and sophisticated offender”.

He added: “This offence has had a dramatic effect on all of the occupants of the house.

“The increased trauma that has been experienced by them makes the experience of other victims of burglary look less serious.”

Green, who was also 16 at the time and is now 17, pleaded guilty to burglary and was given a youth rehabilitation order, which includes supervision, a 91-day activity programme and a four-month curfew.

Richard Thatcher (defending Carey), said: “He was aware of an individual who had died in similar circumstances. He lashed out with the first thing that came to him. It is a terrible thing to happen.”