Burglaries down but lock your vehicles

Insp. Nick Butler.
Insp. Nick Butler.

Hucknall Police have reported a drop in the number of burglaries across the town.

House burglary fell, with 17 less incidents this month compared to this time last year.

Shoplifting is on the increase though with a rise of 37 per cent.

Police are tackling the issue with a specific plan that includes the Shopwatch scheme and increased patrols.

“Shopkeepers, pubs and clubs use the Shopwatch radios to keep in touch with each other, the CCTV and the police to alert us all when there is a situation,” said Insp Nick Butler.

“We also have PCSOs patrolling the main street from Portland Road to Ashgate and the High Street as well as issuing mugshots of known offenders to shops and businesses.

“Unfortunately we have some prolific shoplifters in the town who won’t change their lifestyles and keep getting bail and reoffending.”

Insp Butler also wanted to warn vehicle owners to be on their guard as there has also been a recent surge in vehicle crime.

“We had 12 offences reported just over Monday and Tuesday night alone,” said Insp Butler. “The majority of which were cars left unlocked where items were stolen from inside, including loose change and clothing.

“I want to urge residents to lock their vehicles at all times and don’t leave anything in their cars, as even coats and shoes are being taken to be resold for cash.

“I also want residents to call 101 if they see anyone roaming about at night looking suspicious so we can check it out.”