Burglary ‘addict’ is jailed again

BURGLAR Terry Marshall
BURGLAR Terry Marshall
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A HUCKNALL man, said to be “addicted” to house burglary, has been jailed for four-and-a-half years for a string of offences.

Terry Marshall (pictured), of Florence Street. carried out his latest break-in only two months after being released from prison with £8,000 in his pocket.

The 30-year-old, who has a young son, had been awarded the money by the Home Office after taking undisclosed legal action against the government department, Nottinngham Crown Court heard.

Judge Andrew Hamilton told Marshall: “The only reason you commit burglary is because you enjoy it. You get a kick out of it.”

But Marshall shouted from the dock: “I don’t enjoy it. I need help.”

Marshall pleaded guilty to a burglary he committed in May and asked for 15 other house-burglaries between 2005 and 2009 to be taken into consideration.

On Wednesday May 11, he stole property worth £7,000 from a house on Blyth Road, Oldcotes, North Nottinghamshire, and used keys to steal the owner’s son’s Mini Cooper car from the driveway, said Martin Hurst (prosecuting).

The owner returned to find the house door unlocked. High-value watches stolen included a £3,000 Breitling and a Gucci valued at £1,500. Also missing was a £2,500 ring belonging to the man’s wife.

Police recognised Marshall after checking CCTV footage at a nearby petrol station where he filled up the stolen car.

It was not clear whether Marshall had come into possession of a set of keys for the Oldcotes house, which had been lost some weeks earlier, or he had spotted a key being placed under a plant pot, as he claimed. When arrested, he still had £3,000 of the original £8,000 on him.

The court heard that Marshall was jailed for three years in 2006, also for house burglary, and then for a further two-and-a-half years in March last year for the same offence.

In mitigation, it was said he had an addiction to burglary and knew he had a problem.

Judge Hamilton told him: “You are a professional burglar and targeted this house. The only thing the courts can do is make you realise you go to prison for a long time when you are caught.”