Business help for IT student garden designers

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Local garden landscapers, Jamie Hurt Landscapes, stepped into the classroom to help Year 9 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) students to develop their own garden schemes.

This business-led approach helped students to complete the graphics unit of their ICT using graphic design software.

Students were challenged to work for a fictitious garden company called Dig-IT and to design the marketing materials to promote the business. They were further challenged to design their own garden which could be used on the company’s website.

The business owner, Jamie Hurt, explained to students the basics which needed to be thought through when designing a garden scheme. He explained about accurate measurement, listening to customer needs and making sure that the garden achieved everything required of it.

The students relished the opportunity that the gardening challenge gave to them and all students passed the unit with great results.

Students not only applied their newly-found graphics skills, they also learnt more about careers in landscape design and asked lots of questions about running their own business.

Jamie was delighted with the response of the students and has already said that he will be keen to work in this project again.