BT shoff off high speed fibre broadband plans for Nottinghamshire

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Council Leaders from across Nottinghamshire were shown how BT plans to roll out high speed fibre broadband across the county at a top level meeting at County Hall on Thursday.

The BT mobile fibre broadband showcase was at County Hall to tell the story of how the new broadband fibre optic network will be installed – from the telephone exchange right through to a customer’s premises.

The benefits of extending the broadband network for Nottinghamshire have become even clearer following the publication of a new Government commissioned report, the UK Broadband Impact Study.

The study estimates that by 2024 every £1 of public investment in the fibre-based broadband network will have returned £20 to the UK economy due to greater business productivity achieved by better coverage and higher internet access speeds.

The first phase of the £19.8 million Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire programme to bring high speed broadband to 52,000 businesses and homes by the end of March 2016 involves detailed ground surveys by BT.

The surveys will help to pinpoint existing fibre optic cable networks to tie in the roll out of thousands of kilometres of new high speed cabling to reach rural areas.

Once this initial phase of the programme is completed, work will begin in the spring to upgrade the infrastructure, which will enable the first homes and businesses to access the new broadband network.

Coun Alan Rhodes, Nottinghamshire County Council leader, said: “This is a very exciting time for the Better Broadband for Nottinghamshire programme as we get nearer to bringing high speed broadband to 52,000 businesses and homes by the end of March 2016.

“All the partners involved in the programme, including the district and city councils, were able to hear and see how the new fibre optic network will be installed at the event at County Hall.

“This work is helping us to get closer to our goal of ending the digital divide in Nottinghamshire and bring higher online speeds for video, shopping, file sharing and social networking to more Nottinghamshire homes and businesses.

“The opportunities for the local economy are clear and for creating much needed jobs for Nottinghamshire.”

Bill Murphy, BT’s managing director for Next Generation Access, said: “This was great opportunity to demonstrate all the works we will be undertaking to deliver this broadband boost across the county.

Communications Minister, Ed Vaizey said: “These exciting plans for rolling out high speed broadband will make a very real and tangible difference to 52,000 homes and businesses in Nottinghamshire. People in the digital slow lane are understandably eager for better broadband and the investment we are making will bring high speed broadband access to people that would otherwise never get it.”

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