Career Champion Caroline Cox urges business leaders to help inspire Mansfield’s next generation

The Operations Manager of Mansfield 2020 has challenged business leaders to help inspire the town’s next generation.

Caroline Cox is urging businesses and industry leaders to play their part in nurturing new talent by hosting a number of master class workshops during 2014.

Mrs Cox recently delivered two classes to Brunts students on ‘How to Identify Opportunities and Market It!’ as part of her work with the Career Champions group.

She said: “Delivering the master classes was very rewarding, one young person emailed me to say how beneficial it was. I don’t know if I inspired them, but they certainly inspired me.

“It is vital that the Mansfield business community communicate and work with young people to provide them with the skills employers are calling for.

“It is our responsibility to raise the aspirations of local youngsters, nurture the future workforce and make them sit and up and see that this business community is inspirational and we are willing to embrace and guide them to a successful future.

“Not only did they inspire me, but they proved we have ambitious young people with drive and determination to succeed in life. 

“Mansfield 2020 are passionate about our connection with Mansfield Learning Partnership (MLP)  we believe in their aims and objectives and we fully support the activities the Career Champions team have developed in order to engage the business community with young people.”

If you would like to raise the aspirations of our young people and could offer students valuable insight into the world of work contact the Mansfield Learning Partnership to become a Career Champion on 01623 422010.