Firms need to be mobile friendly

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Three quarters of Mansfield shoppers access the internet from their smartphones, but their PCs are rarely turned on, according to a new survey.

The survey, for local digital agancy and e-commerce firm dijitul, found that 54% of locals they surveyed admitted owning PC’s but since buying a smartphone have found little use for them.

Dijitul’s Dave Hartshorne said: “We spoke to over 100 people who were actively using their smartphones in the town centre and accessing the public WiFi network.

“A high number of people we spoke to informed us that they use their phones to check prices of products and help them locate certain services and products within the town.

“Others use them to find information about local events and look for jobs.

One of the interesting comments, which most shoppers told us was that a high number of websites they try to access did not work correctly on their devices and they found it difficult to browse.

Dave added: “Although smartphones have been around for several years now, there seems to be a high number of companies who have yet to make their websites mobile friendly.”