Get tough with food businesses who break the law

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In the Chad of December 17, Councillor M.Barton is to be congratulated for reminding local food businesses and the general public about the new legal requirement regarding protecting and safeguarding the public against allergic reactions to food content.

As portfolio holder for public protection, perhaps we can look to him to also ensure that ALL food businesses are compliant. But since many food businesses already break the law by failing to display their hygiene rating, I fear the outcome.
Hygiene is of vital importance. The public need to know that their food is being properly handled and prepared.

Yet it seems it is only those businesses with four and five-star ratings that seem to display.

Those with less, and there are some two-star businesses, which simply do not display, and in my view they will also be the same businesses which will not be allergy compliant or display their certificate.

So get tough. If a business fails to display, remove their food licence, otherwise the public remain at risk and no onus on the business to improve, yet they are given every opportunity to do so by the helpful environmental officers.

Rachel French

Ten Green Bottles Cafe,


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