Hucknall jobs fair was turning point in many careers, say organisers

JUST THE JOB -- MP Mark Spencer (left) and Councillor Ben Bradley, two of the driving forces behind the Jobs Fair in Hucknall.
JUST THE JOB -- MP Mark Spencer (left) and Councillor Ben Bradley, two of the driving forces behind the Jobs Fair in Hucknall.

At least 26% of people who attended a successful jobs fair in Hucknall could soon be on their way to new careers, the organisers have disclosed.

The fair, which attracted 550 jobseekers and teenage students, and more than 30 employers and support agencies, was hosted last month by the town’s MP, Mark Spencer, and fellow Conservatives at the John Godber Centre on Ogle Street.

Now all the feedback, facts and figures are in, and the response is an overwhelming thumbs-up.

“We don’t yet know exactly how many people have got jobs because, obviously, that takes time to happen,” said Mr Spencer. “But the immediate outcome is really positive.”

Of the 550 who went along, about 130 ended up making applications for new jobs. A total of 350 people left their e-mail address and were asked to take part in a survey that asked how useful they thought the fair had been and whether it had led to any fresh career openings.

“About one-third of people responded, and 70% of those said they had been pointed in the right direction, which we think is a high number,” said Councillor Ben Bradley, of Hucknall, who was one of the event’s main organisers. “They felt there was a good range of employers present on the day.

“It’s impossible to say how many people got jobs because of the fair. The process of getting a job can take weeks or even months, and it’s very difficult to keep track of everyone. But as well as those 130 local people who were supported with new job applications, a further 46% said the day helped them to make important decisions about their careers.”

The fair attracted visitors from across Nottinghamshire and also Derbyshire. Hucknall’s biggest schools, National and Holgate, even ran buses to send students along.

Employers who manned stalls included retail giants Tesco, who sponsored the event, and Aldi, Hucknall’s biggest employer, Rolls-Royce, local councils, and household names such as the Post Office, Virgin Media, E.On, Center Parcs, Avon and Trent Barton. Barclays Bank also ran a CV support seminar.

“I’m really pleased that the majority of people found the day helpful,” said Mr Spencer. “It was a brilliant day, and there was a great turnout.

“Unfortunately, we couldn’t help everyone who came through the door, but I’m committed to creating jobs and supporting people in Hucknall finding work for the long term.

“I hope that, with all the changes locally, we’ll see new retailers and businesses moving to the town in the coming years, which will help more people find the security of a regular pay-cheque.

“I’ll be holding more jobs fairs like this one in the future.”