LETTER: Lindhurst vote shows councillors are removed from what town needs

Artist's impression of the development
Artist's impression of the development

I would like to see the names of the councillors who voted in favour of the Lindhurst development published so the people of Mansfield know who not to vote for in future.

If these councillors lived in this area I am in no doubt they would have voted a resounding NO for this money-making, green-woodland destroying venture.

There are many redundant areas all around Nottingham Road, Berry Hill, Mansfield, the vast area further down the MARR route towards Sutton that was cleared and never used for anything - all waiting to be developed.

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Mansfield district councillors persist in taking businesses, housing etc out of our town.Vision West Notts College is a classic example, moving the college sites out of town along with the thousands of students and staff have not benefited the town. The college continues to expand without adequate parking, Cauldwell Road and Nottingham Road pavements and grass verges littered with cars every day. The college and Councillor Kate Allsop, a Vision West Notts governor, the said councillor who is responsible for the portfolio for economic regeneration in our town, admit there is inadequate parking at the college, and state they can not do anything about the parking issues, yet more planning for yet more building extensions at the college have been granted!

Tesco Express will be pleased. As the only shop for miles it must be raking in a fortune from the student/staff trade every day!

Our councillors seem very much removed from what Mansfield actually needs to bring it back to its once thriving glory.

I hope residents use their votes wisely, these councillors and Tony Eggington have a lot to answer for!

Nottingham Road resident

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