MP calls for end of zero hours contracts

Graham Allen
Graham Allen

Bulwell MP Graham Allen is calling for ‘zero hour contracts’ to be scrapped after a rise in the use of the controversial employment agreements.

New figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show the number of people on the contracts has increased to 1.8 million, with an estimated 48,000 of those people living in the East Midlands.

The Labour MP for Nottingham North says people on zero hour contracts earn on average £300 less a week than those on full time contracts and that many employees won’t be entitled to protections such as redundancy and sick pay.

Mr Allen said: “Zero hours contracts must be stopped, people need the security of a proper job, not the uncertainty of whether they have work each day.

“Zero hours contracts have spiralled out of control under the Con-Dem Government. More and more working people are being exploited by a lack of regular hours and the fear of redundancy. This makes them a huge problem for people who just want to get on.”

“It’s not fair for people who go to work, only to be told they’re not needed and are sent home. Especially when they have already paid for childcare and transport and they will not be bringing in any money to cover it.”

“Labour has promised to scrap zero hours contracts so people can get regular hours and they are not exploited by big business or recruitment agencies.”

The Office of National Statistics figures, from October to December 2014, show an increase of 111,000 since October to December 2013.

The TUC’s research shows that people on zero hours contracts earn £300 per week less than people on permanent contracts.

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