MP’s call for action over job statistics

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Mansfield MP Sir Alan Meale is calling for Government action after new unemployment figures showed that the district is currently 212th out of 650 constituencies in Britain.

In December 2013 a total of 2,337 people aged 16 to 64 were claiming Job Seekers’ Allowance - 38 more than the previous month.

But the Government figures show a reduction on the previous year of 476, a drop from 2,813 in December 2012.

Sir Alan told Chad: “The figures are now 38 higher than in November which represents a rate of 4.5 per cent - way above the average.

“What we need is direct Government action to change the economic environment. This is something they caused through pit closures, reduction in the textile industry, closing the local tax office and cutbacks to people who work in public services.

“New enterprise zones need to be allowed and financial support to help reconstruct the area’s finances and help get people back to work.”

Sarah Nelson from Mansfield BID said they are currently putting together an application through D2N2 to create more jobs in Mansfield through the town’s cultural and historical heritage.

She said: “Enterprise zones have proved successful in Nottingham so there is no reason why they won’t work in Mansfield. It’s all about getting the town’s unique selling point back, and getting rid of its reputation for being down-trodden.”