Quality is the key at power tool firm

Staff at Interhire in Ilkeston.
Staff at Interhire in Ilkeston.

Interhire Power Tool Services Ltd, on Park Road, is a family business run by Ian and Carol Duff who celebrated their 30th year of business last year.

Interhire survives by offering the kind of face to face service that fewer companies invest time into these days.

Additionally the company has introduced new ranges and as a result now caters to many “niche markets”. So as well as the router bits, gun nails, plunge saws, handsaws and claw hammers that they have always supplied to joiners, there are now Japanese handsaws, traditional hand planes and spokeshaves, and special oil and wax finishes as they now cater to the needs of cabinet makers and traditional wheelwrights.

Carol said: “Our success is due to our loyal and extremely hardworking staff, five who have worked with us for over 25 years, and also due to the support of our customers over the last 30 years.”

The approach of the company has been to supply products that are suitable for professional users, and the quality shows.

Carol added: “Any shop can sell you a torch for £5 that will be about as bright as a candle and might work for maybe a few months if the casing made from thinner plastic than the average credit card will survive that long. Buy a torch from Interhire and it will light your way for years.”

That idea is the basis for Interhire’s survival through five years of the worst recession in living memory. People cannot afford to be constantly replacing tools so it actually makes more sense now to spend a little more on something that will last many times longer.

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