Sports club man blames council for Teversal Grange demolition

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A Teversal Football club stalwart has placed the blame for the demolition of Teversal Grange on its trustee, Ashfield District Council - a charge the authority denies.

Councillors sitting on Ashfield District Council’s Charities Committee voted last Wednesday to bring in the bulldozers to flatten the mothballed club, which has been blighted by financial problems and vandalism.

Speaking at last week’s extraordinary meeting, Pete Cockerill - chairman of Teversal FC - blamed the trustees of the club for the situation.

But he praised Coun Jim Aspinall for helping the football, cricket and bowls clubs move towards gaining their own leases.

He said: “We have been banging our heads against a brick wall for 20 years when it comes to the council, the trust and the sports users.

“Although we are sad that the Grange is going the reason it is going lays at the feet of the Trust.”

He said the council had failed to chase up previous tenants to look after the building and do repairs, which had led to it gradually deteriorating.

He said a brewery representative told him the club was its best venue in Nottinghamshire in its hey day, with a £1 m a year turnover.

He said: “With our leases I worked with Jim Aspinall who has been a great help.

“When the Grange is gone we can apply for funding for a purpose-built centre with a gym and sports hall.”

A council spokesman said the past two businesses to occupy the Grange went into administration, largely due to the recession and the changing economic viability of such establishments. It was a national trend and is not any way unique to Teversal Grange.

She said: “Since the building has been vacant, its physical condition has deteriorated. A significant capital investment would be required to bring it back into use as a pub/restaurant or similar establishment. It is considered unlikely that a refurnished Grange would provide an economically viable proposition, a view which has been verified by external expert advisors.

“Consequently, the re-letting of the building is not considered to be a viable option, hence the proposal to demolish it and actively support the sports clubs and visitor centre to develop sustainable and positive futures.” Related links:

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