Will the Forest of Chivalrous Thieves bring Chinese tourists flocking to Nottinghamshire?

Could this become known as the Visitor Centre at the Forest of Chivalrous Thieves?
Could this become known as the Visitor Centre at the Forest of Chivalrous Thieves?

Tourism chiefs hope that re-naming Sherwood as the Forest of Chivalrous Thieves could bring thousands more Chinese tourists to the county.

Using China’s top social media sites, nearly 300 million people were asked to comer up with names for leading British locations and delicacies.

And the top suggestions for Robin Hood’s famous stomping ground were Forest of Heroes of the Forest of Chivalrous Thieves.

Visit Britain, the tourist board for the UK, hopes that adopting the new names for the country’s tourism hot-spots will help to double the value of its Chinese market by 2020.

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British place names cannot easily be translated into Mandarin, so VisitBritain invited Chinese people to come up with their own alternative names that are more descriptive and understandable.

Chief executive Sally Balcombe said: “Chinese visitors already stay longer in Britain than in our European competitor destinations and are high spenders - every 22 Chinese visitors we attract supports an additional job in tourism.

“We want to ensure that we continue to compete effectively in this, the world’s biggest outbound market, she added.”

Other suggestions for Chinese names include:

The Mall; Buckingham Boulevard or Queen Avenue.

The Shard: Tower Allowing Us to Pluck Stars from the Sky

University Boat Race: Boffin’s Boat Race.

Derbyshire’s Chatsworth House: A Traditional English World

Savile Row: Custom-Made Rich People Street.

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