Young entrepreneurs set for third annual awards

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Aspiring entrepreneurs from schools around the Mansfield area will find out if they are the next Sir Alan Sugar or Deborah Meaden next week as part of the third annual Mansfield 2020 Junior Enterprise Awards.

Youngsters from Brunts, Garibaldi, All Saints’, Shirebrook Academy, Meden, Kirkby College, and Manor Academy will be attending a special awards evening on 9th July at Mansfield’s Civic Centre, where teams will be named winners in a number of categories including Best Product, Best Team Working, Entrepreneurial Spirit and Overall Winner.

Berni Dickinson, director of the Mansfield Learning Partnership who co-ordinate the event, said: “I’m so proud of all the students who take part each year, and I’m really grateful to the teachers, judges and sponsors that helped to make it happen.”

The young people are mentored during every stage of the business plan by local entrepreneurs and the Mansfield 2020 business organisation has helped to organise and support the event.

Mansfield 202 Chairman Irvin Robinson said: “It is important to run events like this to inspire and support young people.

“When we as a community invest in young people we are supporting the success of Mansfield.

Young people are the key to our future and they will provide the growth for Nottinghamshire.

“This is a unique opportunity to shape the future workforce and teach them ‘work ready’ skills and we are delighted to be part of their success.”

Full details of the awards will be featured in the Chad after the event.

Bird-friendly - All Saints

Harry Bircumshaw- assistant team leader

Nathan Tamburrini-salesman/talking to public

Danny Castledine-in charge of money

James Miller- salesman/team leader

“Our mission statement is to promote bird-friendliness in the local area whilst making a profit and offering good quality goods to the people of Mansfield.”

Colourful Creations - Meden School

Elle Moss- financial and leader

Zia Shipman-product designer

Thomas Sefton-product designer

Thomas Over- marketing

Abigail Bowley-marketing

“We sell scented colourful candles with luxurious, relaxing bath bombs with bright, beautiful loom bands.”

Custom Cushions - Manor Academy

Christian – Team Leader

Johan – Head of Finance / Cost Effectiveness

Evan – Marketing Manager

Shania – Creative / Designer

Patrick – Researcher

“Our revision pillows will inspire those students that have upcoming exams, and our ‘favourite things’ pillows will cheer up peoples bedrooms.”

Elast - All Saints

Niamh -product designer

Eve - team leader

Sofhia - team leader

Tariro - supplier

“Our Elast bracelets are a long lasting way to showcase your personality and fashion preferences.”

IC Electronics - Meden School

Ty Mason -Lead Production Artist

Reagan Land - Finance

Damian May - Marketing

Cole Richardson - Exterior Design

Mathew Evans - Purchasing

“We aim to design electronic packets that will teach the population of Mansfield electrical engineering.”

JLM - Kirkby College

Leila Allen - Manager/Advertiser

Megan Green - Advertiser

Joel Bell - Accountant/designer/seller

Liam Soloman - designer/seller

Jordan Hill - designer/seller

Leya Vardyn - designer/seller

“It will give us a business experience and show us what it takes to run a good business.”

Mo Enterprises - Garibaldi

Joseph Kirkby - Group Manager

Anthony Mo - Textiles

Oliver Litchfield - Textiles

Edward Longstaffe - Textiles

George Pallester - Textiles

Lee Johnson - General Helper

“Our business focuses on home comforts for all ages. Make the world a cosy place.”

Pretty Little Scents -All Saints’

Courtney – Advertiser

Natalia – Organiser

Paulina- Finance

Molly, Daisy and Tayla – Designers and product researchers

“Our business is about improving the mood and atmospheres in different places, especially at home.”

T-Nails - Garibaldi

Kayley Geoghegan – team leader

Hollie Chichester – team leader

Kirsty Riley – lead designer

Tori Duckmanton – Creative designer

Lydia Pettinger – Advertisement and organiser

“Selling false nails to the general public that will stand out from the crowd.”

The Brunts Academy’s Young Entrepreneurs

Katie Shuttleworth – Manager Director

Bethany Gwynn – Marketing Director

Lauren Ellis – Sales Director

Kate Williams – Financial Director

Chloe Ellis – Planning Director

“Our business group recycles old mugs, and ‘upcycles’ them into a fancy decorative gift item.”

Up Town Closet - Shirebrook Academy

Alicia Green – Manager

Jade Fowler, Becky Parkin – Creativity/Sales

Britany Jo Stubbs – Finance Manager

Elle Hughes – Production Manager

“The business aims to sell high quality, hand made tie-dye t-shirts and clothing for the 21st


PICTURED: Alicia Green, Jade Fowler, Britany Jo Stubbs, Elle Hughes and Becky Parkin from Shirebrook Academy.