Byron societies enjoy special dinner at Bella Mia in Hucknall

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breaking news

Lord Byron shared the limelight with another famous poet at one of the Byron Festival events.

Newstead Abbey Byron Society joined up with the Dante Alighieri Society at a ‘Byron Dinner’.

Fittingly, in view of Dante’s nationality and the time Byron lived in Venice, the event took place at an Italian restaurant -- the Bella Mia on Annesley Road, Hucknall.

Courses of the meal were interspersed with poetry readings and the Dante group’s chairman, Carolyn Pritchett, sang a musical version of Byron’s poem, ‘So we’ll go no more a-roving’, to her own guitar accompaniment.

World War Two tales of Nottinghamshire’s Land Girls were among the subjects in a series of talks during a book fair at Central Methodist Church, Hucknall. A family and children’s hour was then conducted by author Ian Douglas.

Ken Purslow, chairman of the festival organising committee, said nearly all the events held so far had proved popular with the public.

But one big disappointment was an audience of only 11 for a virtuoso presentation of ‘Byron: His Life and Loves’ by festival stalwarts Ian Frost and Bill Studdiford at Newstead Abbey.