Call for crackdown on nuisance calls

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BULWELL Labour MP Graham Allen has called for a crackdown on nuisance phone-calls, which he says are on the increase.

“Most of these calls seem to originate from abroad, so they do not come under UK regulations,” said Mr Allen.

“That is how the callers get round the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), where a subscriber can be asked not to be contacted.

“It is at best irritating to answer the phone and find it is not important, just a machine telling you something you don’t really want to know.

“Many elderly and less mobile people have difficulty getting to the phone and these unwanted calls cause them stress they can do without.”

Mr Allen said he was particularly concerned at some constituents having been asked for personal banking details.

He added: “My advice is not to give out any details to unsolicited phone-callers. Even my Parliamentary office is not exempt from such calls, so I know how people feel.”

Mr Allen said the BT website, advised on several ways of stopping such calls. “These include going ex-directory, although that can cause inconvenience in itself if a friend not knowing your number tries to get in touch,” he pointed out.

The MP said he wished to urge anyone receiving nuisance calls to contact the Ofcom advisory team on 0300 123 3333 or the BT nuisance call advice line on 0800 661 441, as well as registering at TPS on 0845 0700 707.