Call for good behaviour during Hallowe’en festivities

TRICK-or-treaters in Hucknall are being urged to respect the elderly and vulnerable who might be spooked by Hallowe’en traditions.

The appeal has come from Ashfield District Council’s community protection officers (CPOs), who will be out on extra patrols in the town over the next few days for the annual celebrations.

The CPOs are hoping to guard against children and teenagers who are tempted to target residents’ homes if they fail to earn a ‘treat’ after knocking at the door.

One of the common tricks is to pelt a property with eggs and flour.

CPOs have visited local shops and encouraged businesses not to sell such items to local children in the run-up to Hallowe’en.

Visits are also being made to homes for the elderly across the Dispatch district, with ‘No Trick Or Treat’ posters going up in prominent positions so youngsters are aware not to door-knock there.

Posters are available to all residents from a local CPO or by visiting the Ashfield District Council website.

On Hallowe’en night itself (Monday October 31), CPOs will carry baskets of goodies so children can grab a treat.

Edd de Coverly, service director for environment at Ashfield Council, said: “We ask that people show particular concern and respect for those in the community who may find this time of year a daunting and unsettling time.”