Call for probe into schoolgirl shooting incident at cops HQ


Sherwood MP Mark Spencer has called for a thorough investigation into an incident where a seven-year-old girl was injured when a firearm was accidentally fired during a school visit to Police HQ.

The incident happened at Sherwood Lodge, north of Arnold, on 30th October. It is thought a cartridge ricocheted off the ground and hit the girl in the face, causing a minor injury to her lip.

Mr Spencer said: “I think we need some reassurance that this can never happen again.

“I don’t think you can underestimate how serious the event could have been. I understand the police are taking action to ensure we can’t have a repeat. There needs to be a proper look at what happened and how it happened. There appears to have been a breakdown of procedures.

“I would have thought somebody is probably going to get into a bit of trouble and it’s a shame, but that might need to happen.”

The constabulary has come under fire for not going public about the incident for more than a week - after the seven-year-old was hurt while visiting Sherwood Lodge, in Burntstump, on October 30th.

Police revealed last Thursday that the investigation had been launched into the incident, which happened during an escorted visit to the headquarters by a group of children and parents who were being shown specialist services including dogs, firearms and traffic cars.

The issue will be discussed by the police and crime panel at County Hall in Nottingham today.

An inquiry is being undertaken by police, who have referred the incident to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. The officer involved has been taken off firearms duty and could face disciplinary action.

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