Calls for action over ‘scruffy’ street signs

Ilkeston Street signs. Cllr John Frudd and Cllr Pam Stevenson.
Ilkeston Street signs. Cllr John Frudd and Cllr Pam Stevenson.

A Ilkeston councillor is calling for action to be taken over ‘scruffy’ and ‘defaced’ street signs in the town.

Councillor John Frudd represents Ilkeston South on Derbyshire County Council, and sits on Erewash Borough Council.

He is calling for a review of street signs in the borough after he noticed the poor state of some of them, in areas such as Old Park Ward.

Cllr Frudd said: “When I was out canvassing for local elections I noticed a lot of signs were weathered away and quite unreadable.

“The one that really stuck out was Lime Street - at one end there is no sign at all and at the other it just says ‘im Street.”

He is calling on Erewash Borough Council to review all street signs and carry out a programme of restoration and repair.

Dave Bramwell, head of green space and street scene services at Erewash, said: “The council has a programme for the replacement of street- name plates that have fallen into disrepair or for providing signs for any new streets or roads in the borough.

“An audit of the existing sign infrastructure would be impractical due to the large numbers of signs in Erewash and the rate at which signs become vandalised, fall into disrepair or are required for new developments.”