Calls for safety measures on Nabbs Lane

Nabbs Lane BMX track
Nabbs Lane BMX track

The accident on Nabb’s Lane which left an 11-year-old boy fighting for his life in hospital, has sparked urgent calls for road safety improvements.

The collision occurred on Tuesday at around 7pm on Nabbs Lane, at the junction with Godber Road.

Jeffrey Townley

Jeffrey Townley

Residents say two youngsters have been in serious accidents with cars on the same road in the last month, and believe the BMX track at the junction with Watnall Road needs a safe crossing.

A petition has been set up by Jamie Cannon, brother of Joe Cannon - who was tragically killed in July this year, when his Honda Trial bike hit a Ford Transit van at the junction between Shaw Crescent and Robin Hood Drive.

The petition, which already has nearly 500 signatures with a goal of 600, said: “This petition is to present our need for at least one zebra crossing on Nabbs Lane for us, our children and the most vulnerable amongst us - to cross the road safely.

“Especially as there is a children’s park on Nabbs Lane, where it is believed the boy was leaving from. This is the most serious case to my knowledge but there have certainly been other children ran over on this road.”

Harrison Carlin

Harrison Carlin

Tony Bicker, who supported the campaign, said: “There’s been so many children run over on Nabbs Lane over the years. Now they have introduced a bigger park and mountain bike track we need safe crossings for children to access these facilities safely.”

Another signatory, Cheryl Cresswell added: “There is an urgent need to make this road safe - especially with a children’s park in the area. They have speed humps on Common Lane - these should have continued along the road on to Nabbs Lane. Common sense is needed.”

Former councillor Ian Morrison has campaigned for safety measures on Washdyke Lane. He said: “I have been aware of the safety issues on Nabbs Lane since I was a kid. I saw a very nasty accident there in the 197Os where a lad was nearly killed.

“He was flung up into the air by a car and broke his legs.

“It is just common sense to put a zebra crossing in. To put the entrance to a major park on the main road without a crossing is utter madness.”

Dave Walker, Nottinghamshire County Council (NCC)’s highways manager for Ashfield, said: “We take all accidents seriously and there are currently two pedestrian crossings on Nabbs Lane and a 20mph zone outside the school.

“We have explored the possibility of improved pedestrian crossing facilities at the BMX park. However, due to the junction location and access to nearby shops it is difficult to propose a realistic solution that would be used by pedestrians and cyclists.

“Improvements were undertaken last year in relation to the BMX park and the carriageway markings were refreshed and a playground warning sign was installed.”

The £60,000 bike track in Nabbs Lane Park was opened in November 2013 and funded by NCC’s Local Improvement Scheme and Section 106 housing developer contributions from Ashfield District Council.

Pupils from The Holgate School were heavily involved in the consultation process and helped choose the final design for the BMX and mountain bike tracks.

In 2012, two boys from the the National Academy, in Hucknall, died within two months of each other after being involved in crashes while on their bicycles.

In July, 15-year-old Harrison Carlin died after he collided with a car in Papplewick.

Jeffrey Townley, 12, collided with a van while cycling in Hucknall.

Fellow pupils started a campaign after Harrison’s death, to improve safety on Forest Lane.

According to the Department of Transport, there were 53 deaths of children aged 15 or under in 2014 in the UK, five more than in 2013.

Over the last five years the number of child fatalities has fluctuated between 48 and 61.

Child fatalities occur mainly in the pedestrian (29 fatalities in 2014) and car occupant (18 fatalities)categories, with a smaller number of pedal cyclists (six fatalities).

Despite increasing by 5 per cent, the number of children seriously injured in reported road traffic accidents is still at the second lowest ever, at 2,029 casualties.

Overall children casualties of all severities increased by 6.2 per cent to 16,727.