Calls made to deal with Bulwell ‘eyesore

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NEWS: News.

NEW calls have been made for action to deal with the former New Crown Motors showroom, which has been branded one of Bulwell’s worst eyesores

The building has remained derelict ever since the showroom closed several years ago and it now makes a sad contrast with the new Tesco superstore, just on the other side of Jennison Street.

John Savage (54), of Bulwell Hall Estate, said: “I pass this building nearly every day and the sight of it never fails to make me depressed.

“There is a large unused car park at the back and it is a shame to see the site not put to any use.”

The land was acquired by retail giants Asda, but speculation that they would open a new superstore there has not yet materialised.

The three Nottingham City Council Labour members for Bulwell ward, Couns Jackie Morris, Ginny Klein and John Hartshorne, are pressing for something to be done to revive the once busy site.

Coun Mrs Morris said: “This is our next crusade. I understand the building itself is still in a sound condition. I would like to see it once again play a positive role on the Bulwell trading scene.”

No-one has been available to comment for Asda.