Campaigners organise anti-bedroom tax meeting in Hucknall

Campaigners are calling for those affected by the so-called Bedroom Tax to attend a public meeting to be held in Hucknall.

The Socialist Party and Trade Union and Socialist Coalition are behind the event, which takes place at 7pm on Tuesday at St John’s Church Community Centre on Nottingham Road.

Organisers say the meeting is being called for anyone who is affected by the bedroom tax, or anyone who wants to support a campaign to defeat it, and will be attended by members of other local anti-bedroom tax campaigns.

Formally known as as the “under-occupation charge”, those opposed to it say that it adversley targets vulnerable members of society, and one in six social housing tenants.

Geraint Thomas, a member of the Socialist Party, said: “Given that there is a shortage of housing stock, the bedroom tax is unfair.

“People use spare rooms for equipment or for carers so to make no distinction means that vulnerable people are being targeted.”

He added that the campaign meeting would aim to build a local group of people who could co-ordinate efforts to fight the tax.

The bedroom tax continues to be a huge political issue in the area.

In last week’s Dispatch, Hucknall MP Mark Spencer said that the changes made the system fairer, particularly for ordinary people who did not get benefits.

On Page 13 of today’s Dispatch, Leonie Mathers, who will challenge Mr Spencer in the next general election on behalf of the Labour Party, outlines her opposition to the new rules.