Campaigners vow to fight housing plans

CAMPAIGNERS battling against controversial plans to build major new housing developments across the Dispatch district have vowed to fight the proposals

The latest developments in the Gedling Borough Council planning saga has seen an amended strategy to build thousands of new homes go before cabinet.

But the fight rages on to stop plans for almost 4,000 new homes to be built on greenbelt land across the areas of Top Wighay, Linby and Bestwood Village with campaigners claiming they ‘will take the fight all the way’.

Now closed to public consultation, the most recent version of the Aligned Core Strategy is in its final stages of a 16 year battle, which has prompted fierce objections and united a community opposed to the plans.

“It continues to be a long, hard fight, but one we are prepared to continue to the end as we know we are right,” said leading campigner and spokesman of Brownfield 1st,Coun Bob Brothwell, chairman of Linby Parish Council.

Brownfield 1st, who were previously known as GAG5, is a campaign group set up with support from the five affected parish councils of Linby, Papplewick, Ravenshead, Newstead and Bestwood.

The group have been very proactive in recent years launching a highly publicised campaign, which has included public meetings, posters, leaflets and banners displayed across the areas affected

“It was back in 1996 when these plans were first mooted and the fact that, 16 years later, not one single house has been built means we are right in what we are doing,” added Coun Brothwell.

“We remain hopeful that we will be successful in stopping Gedling Council from making what we believe to be politically motivated decisions.”

The original joint venture included Nottingham City Council, Broxtowe, Gedling, Ashfield, Rushcliffe and Mansfield. However in recent years Ashfield, Rushcliffe and Mansfield have dropped out.

The objections are mainly based around the preference of the council to use greenbelt when there is plenty of brownfield sites available across the area.

“There is land at Teal Close, Gedling Colliery, the Old Laundry at Daybrook as well as the former Metalbox site at Redhill which could all be developed for the housing required,” claims Coun Br4othwell. “Developers should be encouraged to build here first before ripping up our countryside.

“The whole thing smacks of offering cheap agricultural land for developers.

“Why should the historical villages of Linby, Papplewick and Bestwood be chosen over more suitable sites?”

The campaign group now have funding to help in the fight and have hired an independent planning advisor. This has been achieved through community donations and fundraising events.

“We have the funding to fight it all the way thanks to the response of a leaflet drop from the villagers and the people of Hucknall who are fully backing the campaign,” added Coun Brothwell.

A fundraising disco and auction night is planned for 9th March at Papplewick Village Hall to boost funds further.

The strategy will next be discussed by full council at a meeting on Wednesday 13th February when it could be rubber stamped to move forward and submitted for final approval to the government department for Communities and Local Government (CLG) around June.

Coun Brothwell wants to encourage as many residents as possible to attend this meeting, to be held at the Civic Centre in Arnold.

“It’s important that as many people as possible attend the meeting to be seen and heard in a bid to show the strength of community feeling.”