Can you help George clean up the Leen?

Georgina Harris cleans up the river Leen
Georgina Harris cleans up the river Leen

A single-handed campaign to clean up the river Leen has been delayed while a pair of waders is sought.

Georgina Harris rolled up her sleeves - and her trouser-legs - and waded into the water herself, after becoming sickened by the quantity of rubbish dumped into the river.

Her first expedition on July 23 yielded several shopping trolleys worth of discarded garbage and the nature-loving teacher from Bestwood Village had planned another clean-up on Sunday.

Georgina said: “We were all good to go but at the eleventh hour we postponed for various reasons.

“My biggest requirement is the loan of some waders which has so far proved fruitless and frustratingly so - as there is so much of the river that cannot be accessed without them.”

Georgina had hoped to remove a large industrial fence from the river with the help of a friend with a trailer - but the friend was sadly too ill. A new date has been put in the diary so the work can be documented by Georgina’s ex-pupil, 16 year-old photographer Sorrell Lyall.

She added: “The tricycle that I took out when we posed for cheesy photos for the Nottingham Post, and which we took to a nearby dumpster, has been recovered by someone and duly thrown back in.”

She set up a blog entitled Clean the Leen to recount her clean-up operation. Georgina, 45, says she became ‘increasingly sad and frustrated’ by the state of the river as she cycled to work in Beeston.

If you can offer a spare pair of waders please contact