Candles warning after blaze

A WARNING has been issued by firefighters after a blaze was sparked by candles at a house in Hucknall.

It is believed that candles were left burning in a bathroom at the home on Barbara Square.

Firefighters were called at 7 am on Saturday January 14. Residents were in the house at the time but managed to escape to safety.

There were also no working smoke alarms in the property.

The fire caused severe damage to the bathroom and to the upstairs. The kitchen below was also damaged because of water coming down through the ceiling.

The blaze prompted a warning from Macolm Ridge, crew manager at Stockhill fire station in Basford.

“It highlights the importance of the safe use of candles,” he said. “Make sure they are extinguished before you go to bed and they are on a non-flammable surface.”