Car crime rises again in town

Police reported four episodes of car crime in the Hucknall area, over the week leading to Thursday, November 17.

A campaign in the Ashfield South policing area yielded rewards with only two incidents reported in the 14 days to Thursday, November 5 – when normally as four or five vehicles a week are hit.

The rear number plate was stolen from a silver Ford Transit van on Bentinck Street, Hucknall, between 6.45pm on November 11 and 8am the next day. Around 2.50am on November 13 in Priory Avenue, Annesley Woodhouse, the spare wheel of a silver Ford Transit van was stolen.

The number plates were stolen from a black Vauxhall Vectra, parked on Linby Road, Hucknall, between 3pm on November 15 and 8.40am on November 16. Around 8.15pm on November 15 in Astral Grove, Hucknall, two vehicles had their windows smashed.