Car giants lose out in wage row

A CAR-dealership network with its headquarters in Annesley must fork out more than £35,000 after failing to meet the national minimum wage for a group of its employees.

Pendragon oversees the UK’s biggest vehicle-retail network and boasts prestigious franchises overseas.

Its main base is at Little Oak Drive on the Sherwood Business Park where it employs a total of 400 workers.

But an investigation was launched by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) surrounding pay for 40 staff. And this led to an employment tribunal

HMRC told the tribunal in Sheffield that Pendragon made deductions from workers’ pay for the use of lease cars and salary-sacrifice schemes.

But this resulted in pay falling below the national minimum wage.

The company has now been ordered to pay a total of £30,354.68 to the 40 workers to meet the underpayments.

As part of the ruling, the long-running firm must also pay £5,000 to HMRC.

Michelle Wyer, head of national minimum wage enforcement at HMRC, said: “We always robustly defend our decisions at employment tribunals when challenged.

“Our aim is to enforce the law and protect vulnerable workers.

“Employers are welcome to approach us at any time for advice through the pay and work rights helpline 0800 917 2368. Or they can contact us at any stage during an inquiry to discuss resolution of outstanding issues.”

Pendragon operates from more than 250 retail outlets throughout the UK.

Companies include Stratstone, Evans Halshaw and Chatfields, which offer a large selection of new and used vehicles.

These outlets represent more than 20 franchises for passenger vehicles, motorcycles and trucks.

Brands range from Ford and Vauxhall through to Jaguar, Porsche and Ferrari.