Car wash hit by illegal workers fine

Swinger Hand Car Wash
Swinger Hand Car Wash

A Bulwell hand car wash business was fined £7,500 for employing illegal workers last year.

The Swinger Hand Car Wash in Hucknall Lane was one of three car wash firms in Nottingham to be penalised by the UK Border Agency.

Home Office Immigration Enforcement officers, acting on a tip-off, visited the premises on 9th July 2013.

A Home Office spokesperson said: “Two men were found working illegally; an Iranian man aged 21 and a Syrian man aged 42, both of whom had entered the UK illegally.

“They were ordered to report regularly to the Home Office while their cases were progressed.

“As a result of the operation, Swinger Hand Car Wash was served with a Notice of Liability for a civil penalty of £7,500 for employing the two workers. Home Office Civil Penalty debt recovery specialists are in contact with the business to arrange collection of the penalty.”

Current owner Pshdwan Hebdan, who has run the service since October 2013, told the Dispatch that the fine related to the former owner.

Mr Hebdan (29), of Bestwood Park, says he has been in the car wash business for 11 years and currently employs six workers, all of whom are legally employed.

The A1 Hand Car Wash in Salisbury Street, Radford, which has since changed name, was fined £5,000 and Brilliant Car Wash in Nottingham Road, New Basford, was fined £10,000.

An investigation into illegal workers in Nottinghamshire revealed 29 companies were fined a total of £217,500 between 2010 and 2012.