Caring Hucknall mum and wife Helen Wilkinson is awarded a Dispatch Rose

A LOVING letter written straight from the heart of a 12-year-old Hucknall girl has earned her dedicated mum Helen Wilkinson a much-deserved Dispatch Rose.

Holgate Comprehensive pupil Amy Wilkinson put pen to paper not to write a Christmas list or to ask for something for herself, but to let us know just what a wonderful wife and mother 43-year-old Helen really is.

Despite being a full time carer to Amy’s dad Phil since a horrific road accident 21 years ago – she still finds time to be a marvellous mum, ensuring her daughter enjoys a full and happy life.

Amy wrote: ‘I chose my mum Helen because she is so special and would do anything for anyone. She is a very kind and caring lady. The main reason I nominated her for a rose is that she is a full time carer for my dad, Phil.

He was in a car accident 21 years ago and a piece of wood went through his head and left him very ill in hospital. It also left him partially paralysed down one side. He has fits and we do not know when they are going to come.

Mum has loving stood by him for all these years and has always been there to help other, too. She still manages to make time for me, to make sure I can do the same things others at my age do.’

Here at the Dispatch, we were so touched by Amy’s selfless words that we contacted Hucknall florist R & S Terzza - our generous partner in the Dispatch Rose Awards - and announced kind-hearted Helen as this week’s much-deserved winner.

Amy said: “I just wanted to say a special thank you to my mum to let her know how much we really appreciate everything she does. Although she’s caring for dad, mum and I still do lots of nice things together like roller skating and playing on the Wii.

“We love to cook together, too. All kinds of things, but cakes and trifles are our favourites.”

A truly worthy rose winner, indeed. And we think Amy deserves a big Dispatch thumbs up, too.

If you would like to nominate someone to receive the Dispatch Rose, call 01623 450294 or email