Cars stopped in police operation

SIXTEEN vehicles were stopped during a six-hour police operation on Bestwood Road, Bulwell.

Eleven of them were trade vehicles and the five others were pulled up for speeding.

Another vehicle was stopped nearby and the driver was found to have no insurance.

The operation took place between 9am and 3pm on 10th December and was led by the neighbourhood policing team from Bulwell, Broxtowe, Oxclose and Basford.

Two of the vehicles were not allowed to continue until defaults were rectified and the drivers of five others were given a set time to deal with faults.

Five people in three of the vehicles were questioned about scrap metal and waste carriers’ licences. One person was cautioned for possession of cannabis and another was given a warning for a similar offence.

A police spokesman told Dispatch: “The operation was well received by local people who spoke to officers at the entrance to a car park.”