CCTV cameras set up across Hucknall to help reduce crime

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CCTV cameras are strategically placed across Hucknall town centre keeping an eye on property, shoppers and late night revellers.

There has been a number of improvements to the system over the years enabling operators to get better views and higher quality images for use in prosecutions.

However to access the videos, officers had to travel to Mansfield or Kelham Hall where the images were recorded.

But now, the Hucknall CCTV footage can be accessed much easily from the Hucknall Police Station.

“This is good news as it gives officers quick access to the tapes and saves time and resources travelling to other areas,” said Insp Nick Butler.

“It is much more effective and efficient to have a recording system here on-site for my officers.”

There are 10 CCTV cameras in position across the town stretching from Annesley Road to Ashgate recording any disturbances or problems that may occur - day and night.

“Cameras are perched high above the streets and have a 360 degree view and can produce images of excellent quality,” added Insp Butler.

“Operators can also zoom in close to subjects of interest and alert officers who can be dispatched to the scene.”