Charity cash helps build houses in India

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HUCKNALL’S Rotary Club gets involved in many projects both at home and abroad and this latest success story shows what a difference money collected here helps others overseas.

Thanks to fundraising by the group of Rotarians and members of Hucknall’s Inner Wheel Club, a family in India have a roof over their heads and a place to call home.

“During 2010/11 the international Rotary theme was ‘Building communities and bridging continents,’ explained Hucknall president Ian Young. “The then District Governor of the East Midlands, Val Leivers, had already been involved in numerous projects providing welfare to India.

“This prompted her to enter into a joint Rotary project with India to build a Rotary village in Andhra Pradesh as a good example of this theme.

“Val encouraged every one of the 60 clubs in the district to fund the building of a house. Both The Rotary Club and the Inner Wheel Club of Hucknall rose to the challenge and each funded a separate house.”

To see the project come to life and witness the fruits of their efforts, Val and her husband Terry visited the region recently to oversee the building work.

“To date, 75 houses are now complete and another 35 plus are waiting to be built,” added Ian. “This is a tremendous project driven by Val who was recently awarded the prestigious Service above Self Rotary Award.”

The house that was built thanks to the Hucknall community is now completed and is in Thimmapur Village, Bhongir, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Val is pictured with the House that Hucknall built with its new owner, Bichala Laxmi, the wife of Shivaiah. It bears a plaque recognising the donation from Hucknall.

It is the women who are given the house as they are more stable and remain in the village if the men work away.