Charity week at Harrier pub

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HUCKNALL’S Harrier pub will be playing host to countless activities next week to raise awareness and funds for a rare inherited condition called PKU.

In a bid to support the charity which researches the condition and treatment, a series of events have been planned at the Christchurch Road venue.

PKU or phenylketonuria is caused by a build up in the body of a protein based substance called phenylalanine and unless treated a child’s brain can stop developing and growth disrupted.

All newborns are tested for it by the heel-prick blood test and treatment means a special low protein based diet.

“From a sponsored male body wax to a pool competition, open mike night to a music concert, there is a raft of fun-filled fundraising opportunities to enjoy,” said organiser Paul Blackbourn, whose band will also be performing during the week.

PKU Awareness week will be running from December 15.

For more information visit or search NSPKU on Facebook.