Chay pledges to serve in Army life

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PLEDGING to serve his Queen and country is Hucknall’s CHAY MURDEN who has signed up forArmy life.

The adventurous 16 year-old took his oath of allegiance in front of his proud parents and Lord Mayor of Nottingham, Coun Leon Unczur, at Nottingham’s Council House.

The former Holgate School pupil has passed all the necessary medical and fitness tests before taking the oath as he prepares to launch himself into basic training to become an infantry soldier in the Mercian Regiment.

“Being in the Army will give me a different view on life,” said Chay. “It will be different every day.

“I wanted to join the Mercians, our local infantry regiment because I think it’s the most challenging role in the Army.”

His mum and dad Joanne and Shaun said: “We are obviously proud of him. It’s what he wants to do and we are fully supportive.”

Major Paddy Rhodes, head of Army Recruitment for Nottingham and Derby added: “We are delighted to welcome Chay to the Army. I am sure that he will find it challenging but an enormously rewarding experience.

“Increasingly, youngsters are realising that the Army offers a fantastic lifestyle to ambitious individuals who want challenge and adventure as part of their job.

“The Army also provides a wide range of educational and training opportunities that are recognised throughout civilian life, from NVQs to master degrees.”

n OUR PHOTO shows Chay being welcomed to the Army family