Children enter animal kingdom

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THE Oceans Day Nursery in Hucknall invited some weird and wonderful creatures from the wild to entertain children at their holiday club this week.

Snakes, bearded dragons, tortoises, skunks and owls were just some of the creatures on display at the educational event organised by the nursery and Leicester-based company Animals for Parties.

Children took part in various activities and learnt more about the animals, including how to clean them and how to look after them.

They also took part in games and nursery manager Gemma Evans said the day was a massive success with everyone learning something new about nature and wildlife.

“All the children absolutely loved it and really enjoyed learning more about the animals that they saw,” she said.

“There were plenty of activities and games during the day and it was a really good educational event for all our children.

“The staff really enjoyed it as well and we would definitely consider doing something like this again in the future.”

n OUR PHOTO shows Georgia Lock and Kiera Tarpey meeting a bearded dragon — DISPIC NHUD11-2094-1