Children gallop and stomp for the Big Toddle

Hucknall toddlers galloped, stomped and hopped around in animal fancy dress to raise money for the charity Barnardos.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 26th July 2016, 4:44 pm
Updated Tuesday, 26th July 2016, 5:49 pm
Hucknall Big Toddle

The Big Toddle event took place at Titchfield Park, where 15 kids walked half a mile around the outskirts of the park before enjoying a picnic afterwards.

Local mum Astra Morrison organised it in conjunction with the town’s children’s centres.

She said: “For some little ones this was one of their first experiences of helping other children which is just a wonderful thing for children to learn from a young age.

“I came across the event online and thought it would be nice for children to learn about giving and giving to others.”

The event raised £316 and Astra said it was so successful she would do it again next year.

“It went so well. We had bees, bears, dogs and all sorts of animal costumes.

“We had beautiful weather as well until towards the end of the picnic when the heavens just opened.

“We were about done by then though so we just all grabbed our things and ran inside!

“The kids loved it and it was great fun to get the whole family involved in taking pride in the kids achievements,” added Astra.

Every year the ‘Big Toddle’ sponsored walk is held nationwide by the Barnardo’s Childrens Charity to support their work with pre-school children.

Astra added: “As a mum myself, it meant a lot to me to help Barnardos in their work with children and families.”

The ‘End Child Poverty’ campaign released figures stating 27 per cent of children in Ashfield were living in poverty after their parents housing costs had been paid.

Barnardo’s support families by offering support and advice as well as practical help for those who need it.