Chris pedals 300 miles for Macmillan

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Sutton cyclist Chris Clarke and his friends toasted his success after he raised more than £3,000 in a gruelling 300 mile ride across the country.

Chris, 53 of Huthwaite Road thanked hundreds of people who have donated the money both locally and around the route of his marathon fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer support.

“Everyone has been very generous and has dug deep to help. I found the bike ride quite easy and did it in less time than I thought. Not bad for someone my age!”

Chris cycled from Liverpool to Skegness on the 210 mile coast to coast leg of his journey.

He then rode the 90 miles to Kirkby before celebrating his achievement at the Wyvern Social Club, where he arrived at 1pm on 21st April.

Chrisis still collecting money from 25 Macmillan charity bottles he has distributed in pubs in Sutton and Kirkby which have raised more than £700.

The route took him a total of four days in the saddle.

The father of two added: “I enjoyed it - I’ve got no bad knees or aches and pains - and raised a lot of money for a great cause.”

Chris has already raise thousands for the charity on charity walks over the past two years.

At Skegness he was introduced to the Mayor and his wife and collected a total of £385 at the Hollywood Bar and Diner and the Boathouse pub.

Apart from a few problems with his sat nav he had a clear run from the seaside town, returning home in seven hours.

“I knew I was going to get back home about three hours early so I phoned people up to rally round and meet me. My son got three bottles of champagne ready for my mate to take to put in the chiller at the Wyvern,” said Chris.

“We had a good party and held a raffle which raised another £70. All at the Wyvern have done me proud.”