Christmas bin collection fiasco - MP slams Ashfield council


Hucknall MP Mark Spencer has slammed Ashfield District Council’s bin collections over the Christmas break.

He said: “Frankly Ashfield District Council (ADC)’s response has been disgraceful in comparison to Newark & Sherwood District Council and they are a light year away from the service level received by Newark & Sherwood District Council residents.”

ADC told the MP that landfill waste collection is up to date but they missed the recycling collection due to the weather.

Mr Spencer said: “But they worked last week even on Sunday to attempt to clear the backlog but had to stop and start collecting landfill as planned. This means some of the backlog remains uncollected. They say this was as they don’t have enough bins to collect both landfill and recycling waste at once.

“They are willing to accept bags (up to 3 or 4) of side waste as well as the wheelie bin on the next scheduled recycling collection next week.

“This does mean that the recycled bin will not have been collected over Christmas at all and residents will have a four week wait between one collection and another.

“They have not responded to our request asking for their views on this and what they are doing to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

“They didn’t tell us but we checked and their website was updated on the 5th January to give out collection information.”