Christmas Day baby back home

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A HUCKNALL baby who was the first born on Christmas Day in Nottingham has at last been allowed home — after an extended stay in hospital.

Proud parents Damien (29) and Katie Newton (27) can now celebrate properly after son Cody was born at 12.30 am on Christmas morning.

The youngster was kept in at Nottingham City Hospital for more than two weeks because he was born with hypoglycemia — a condition where blood-sugar levels are too low.

The return to the family home on Levertons Place marks the end of a chaotic festive season and New Year for the Newtons, who also have a five-year-old son, Reece.

Katie went into labour at 5 pm on Christmas Eve, then gave birth with an emergency Caesarean section. Cody weighed in at 7lb 3.5oz.

Katie said: “It is the best Christmas present anybody could get — we are ecstatic. But at the same time it was hard because I did not get to see my other son open his presents.

“He coped well with it though and my parents looked after him. My husband spent the day with him after I had been taken up to the neo-natal ward.”

Although Cody spent his first Christmas Day in hospital, Santa certainly did not forget to visit.

Katie said: “He got outfits, cuddly toys, a teddy bear from the hospital for being the first baby and a blanket — all sorts. I am proud he was the first baby. The staff were ecstatic, everybody was rallying round and coming to see him.

She added: “I feel sorry for him because he will have his birthday and Christmas on the same day. But in future we will have the morning as his birthday and the afternoon for Christmas.”

n OUR PHOTO shows Cody with Damien, Katie and big brother Reece — DISPIC NHUD12-0062-2.