CHRISTMAS MIRACLE — terminally-ill Beau ready for Santa

HUCKNALL HEARTS -- the story of Beau and his family -- and their plea for help -- sparked a big response from Hucknall's community
HUCKNALL HEARTS -- the story of Beau and his family -- and their plea for help -- sparked a big response from Hucknall's community

THE MUM of a Hucknall boy with a devastating terminal illness says a heartfelt thankyou to well-wishers who have provided the inspiration for him to enjoy Christmas.

Two-year-old Beau Angelides, of Annesley Road, suffers from a rare and aggressive illness known as Sanfillipo Disease (SD), which normally reduces life expectancy to just ten years. He is blind and cannot eat naturally.

People of Hucknall took the brave and remarkably cheerful youngster to their hearts after the Dispatch published a front-page report about his plight earlier this year.

His devoted mum, Lindsey Pascoe (37), also has two daughters, Jessica (seven) and Charlotte (four).

She says: “I am absolutely overwhelmed by the support Beau has received from a great many people. I am really touched by the way the Hucknall community has responded to my appeal for offers of support.

“This has encouraged us to make the most of every day Beau spends with us and that is no more important than at Christmas. We are determined to stay positive and I would like to thank everybody from the bottom of my heart. It is truly amazing and it all seems like a miracle.”

Sufferers of SD do not have a right balance of the enzymes which enable the body to grow and develop. Doctors treating Beau say they have never seen the condition so advanced in anyone so young.

Despite the severity of his illness, the youngster impresses everyone he meets as a happy-go-lucky little character — and, like any other youngster, he is looking forward to a visit by Santa Claus.

Pupils of Hucknall National Primary School made a big fuss of Beau when he met them recently.

Lindsey, who is separated from Beau’s father, gave up her job at the Oasis dental practice on Portland Road, Hucknall to ensure that her son receives the care he needs.

A Beau Beau’s Fund has been launched to raise money for toys and equipment to make the boy’s life brighter. It has also led to his garden receiving a makeover.

The youngster has grown out of baby playthings but has a lot of fun with a vibrating pillow, which he can switch on and off.

Beau has to be fed through a hole in his stomach and in the New Year he will undergo an operation known as a gastrostomy at the Queen’s Medical Centre (QMC) in Nottingham.

This will enable the process to be made more straightforward with what is known as a ‘Micky Button’.

While he is under anaesthetic for this operation, doctors hope to carry out a few other surgical ‘bits and bobs’.

Beau is likely to suffer seizures as the growth of his brain is impaired but Lindsey is hoping to get help for this eventuality — from a dog.

She explained that Staffordshire bull terriers can be trained to detect seizures in children a long time before they actually happen.

“This will be an object of our fundraising and acquiring one of these dogs could well be a big help to us,” said Lindsey.

Beau’s condition is likely to lead to him becoming deaf and Lindsey aims to use a form of sign language to ensure that she can continue to communicate with him.

Care of the youngster is being overseen by staff at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and he has regular appointments at the QMC at Nottingham City Hospital.

Work has been carried out this year to create a sensory garden in the back yard of Beau’s family home so that he can enjoy the scent of the plants.

Anyone wishing to donate to the Beau Beau Fund is asked to get in touch with its main organiser, Vicky Elson, on 07806 786945.