Chubby Brown WILL perform in Ashfield

Roy Chubby Brown.
Roy Chubby Brown.

Roy chubby Brown is set to play in Ashfield after all - on the same night Ashfield District Council banned him from playing at their Kirkby venue.

The controversial comedian will play at the 9th Grosvenor Rooms, Church Street, Sutton on October 9.

His manager Steven Lloyd said he expected the 350 ticket performance to sell out.

Chubby was due to perform at the Festival Hall Kirkby until the Ashfield District Council pulled the plug and told the venue to cancel the booking.

Following the move in March, the authority then told Chad “The council does not feel that the booking was appropriate for a council venue and not one that it wished to be associated with.”

Adding: “Roy “Chubby” Brown is quite able to perform in a non-council venue in Ashfield.”

The move caused an uproar among his fans, who raised a 540 name online petition for Ashfield District for council leader Cheryl Butler to reinstate the event.

Chubby’s agent Steven Lloyd said “As soon as the council banned us we were contacted by other venues and it was great to get the Grovesnor Rooms

“We could have sold it out twice over but Chubby has other commitments on those days.

“This was never about the money - he is delighted to be able to perform for his fans.”