Claims of 50 drug needles found in alley

WALKWAY OF SHAME -- the alleyway blighted by drug-needles and dog mess -- DISPIC NHUD12-0546-2
WALKWAY OF SHAME -- the alleyway blighted by drug-needles and dog mess -- DISPIC NHUD12-0546-2

A HUCKNALL dog walker has criticised the state of a footpath that runs near a primary school after finding it strewn with drug syringes and dog mess.

The resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims that up to 50 used needles had been discarded all in one place on the footpath between Windermere Road and St Patrick’s Road.

He said it was as if a drug user had specially chosen the spot in order to get rid of them.

The footpath is only a short distance from Hillside Primary School, on Roberts Lane, and is used by schoolchildren.

The Dispatch source says he saw two Ashfield District Council workers collecting up the syringes into a sealed container and approached them to complain about the large amounts of dog mess found in the area.

“It looked like somebody had just dumped the needles,” he told the Dispatch.

“I don’t know if someone walked up there and thought it was an ideal spot to dump them.

“Tough action should be taken to stop this happening again.”

The dog walker said that both the needles and the dog dirt made it a health hazard for everyone who goes down there.

“I have never ever seen so much dog dirt in that spot,” he added.

“There were hundreds of dollops of it — you couldn’t count it.”

A council spokesman said that the used needles were removed as soon as they had been made aware of them and are thought to be from drug users because a metal spoon was also found.

The council denies that there were as many as 50 syringes found in the alley.

Edd de Coverly, service director for environment at the council, added: “We are committed to addressing the pertinent issue of dog fouling and discarded needles and are currently rolling out a number of initiatives to tackle the problem head on.

“These will include days of action, which we hope will be well supported and receive the backing of the whole community.” ive story to tell that deserves publicity.