Clipstone Camp Partnership Group appeal for businesses to back First World War memorial project

A group which is organising a series of events to commemorate Clipstone’s vital role in Britain’s First World War effort is appealing for business support.

The Clipstone Camp Partnership Group plan to construct a memorial statue outside Samuel Barlow Primary School and information boards around the village.

The group also plan to hold a variety of events to mark key moments in the First World War such as a gala day, a parade, a guided walk around the former Clipstone Camp site and a football match.

The group are currently planning to put a bid in for Local Improvement Scheme funding but are appealing for local businesses to come forward and show their support for the village.

Alan Barksby, group chairman, said: “We need funding from local businesses, no matter how much that is.

“Any money we can get will be a help. Even £100 is better than nothing, every pound adds up.”

During the First World War thousands of troops trained and honed their battle skills at the specially constructed Clipstone Camp before they were shipped off to fight on the frontline.

Clipstone Camp had capacity to train 30,000 troops at any one time and featured specially constructed machine gun ranges and replica trenches, some of which can still be seen today.

The camp played an interral part in local life and effectively helped to turn Mansfield into a garrison town.

As part of the project Samuel Barlow Primary School will base a term of their curriculum around Clipstone Camp before holding a special exhibition of work by children at the school.

If you would like to get involved, or back the project financially, contact Stephen Thirkill on 01623 450292 or email