Cold-blooded murderer taunts victim's family

A KILLER dared to mock the family of his shotgun victim as he was sentenced to life imprisonment for murdering a 22-year-old man outside a Bulwell pub.

Screamed Michael O'Brien: "I'm not bothered, I'm a bad boy. Your son looked like a doughnut with a big hole in his head.....I don't care."

Cold-blooded O'Brien was found guilty at Nottingham Crown Court of shooting dead innocent family man Marvyn Bradshaw, of Hendre Gardens, Top Valley, in the car park of the Sporting Chance At The Goose Fair on Hucknall Road.

Shopfitter Mr Bradshaw was driving away from the pub in a friend's car in the early hours of August 30 after a lock-in when O'Brien (23) blasted him in the head through the driver's window.

A jury at the trial heard how the killing was a tragic case of mistaken identity and that O'Brien was seeking revenge against another man who had allegedly hit him on the head with an ashtray in an earlier fracas at the pub.

When the jury's unanimous verdict was announced, an unrepentant O'Brien, of Aspley, flew into a rage and directed his aggression at Mr Bradshaw's family in the public seats.

He threw a cup of water at his victim's relatives and then launched a verbal tirade.

Judge Richard Pollard responded with the life sentence, adding the stipulation that O'Brien must serve a minimum of 24 years before parole can be considered.

The judge said he hoped the sentence would deter others from gun crime.

He then turned to O'Brien, who has a six-year-old son, and said: "Having been hit by an ashtray, you armed yourself with a single-barreled shotgun. I have no doubt you told your friends you were going to shoot a man.

"You went back and shot a wholly innocent man in the back of the head.

"I have no doubt you meant to kill him. This was a calculated and deliberate murder."

But still O'Brien showed no remorse and barked: "I will do that (the sentence) standing on my head."

Throughout the ten-day trial, O'Brien denied killing Mr Bradshaw, even claiming he hadn't been at the pub during the shooting and was, in fact, trying to buy drugs at the time.

He told the court that it was his friend, Gary Salmon, who had a gun and headed back to the pub to gain revenge for the earlier attack on O'Brien.

Salmon (32), whose last known address was Brooklyn Road, Bulwell, has been missing since the shooting and a 10,000 reward is available for anyone who gives information leading to his arrest.

However the jury heard from Peter Joyce QC (prosecuting) that, on the evidence, it was O'Brien who had pulled the trigger.

The court heard that O'Brien and Salmon had been out earlier that night and O'Brien had threatened to kill a doorman at Obsessions nightclub in Thurland Street, Nottingham. The jury also found him guilty of this charge.

The pair were then refused entry into a city snooker hall and went back, with two teenage girls, to Brooklyn Road where they drank champagne and passed around cannabis.

Salmon then got a call to go to the Sporting Chance to pick up a friend from the lock-in. But the pub was a "problem" for him, so O'Brien went to the door. When he was refused entry, there was a rumpus and he was hit on the head.

It was said that the pair returned to Brooklyn Road where they told the girls that O'Brien had been hit "by a man from Bestwood".

They allegedly then put on dark clothes, gloves and balaclavas, returned to the pub and killed Mr Bradshaw before fleeing the scene.

After the trial, Det Insp Paul Cottee praised witnesses for their courage.

He said: "Investigations into shootings are difficult because of the fear of witnesses to come forward.

"Thankfully, in this case, we had three young juvenile witnesses who gave us significant information and were then prepared to come forward in court and give evidence.

"I want to thank them on behalf of Marvyn's family because, without their courage to stand up and give evidence, O'Brien could still be out on the streets today."

Hunt goes on for Salmon

ATTENTION now turns to the hunt for Gary Salmon, who has been implicated in the shocking murder of innocent Marvyn Bradshaw (22).

Salmon (32) was last known to be living in Brooklyn Road in Bulwell and witnesses say he was at the Sporting Chance pub on August 30 when shopfitter Mr Bradshaw was gunned down.

But he has been missing ever since the killing.

Police have broken the mould in the search for him, trying several unusual approaches.

The first was to release a picture of Salmon, along with his details, to the media.

Detectives then announced a 10,000 reward for information that would lead to his arrest and even staged a national appeal on BBC TV's 'Crimewatch' programme.

An advertising campaign at a cost of 15,000 was launched with Salmon's picture plastered on buses and trams and hundreds of 'Wanted' posters delivered to houses throughout Nottingham.

But still he hasn't been found. Det Chief Insp Phil Walker said this week: "The offer of the reward still stands.

"We are still looking for Gary Salmon and I would appeal to anyone who has any information about his whereabouts to contact police.

"We don't need any more evidence on him. We just need to find him.

"We think he has been keeping his head down, waiting for the result of the trial. We just need that vital information from a member of the public who wants 10,000."

Salmon is local to Nottingham and has family and friends in Bulwell and Bestwood. He is also known to have associates and contacts in Birmingham, Derby, Brighton, London, Scotland and Leicester.

Detectives say he uses the nicknames Fish, Lol and G and the surnames McKenzie and Garvey.

But they warn he should not be approached and anyone with information is asked to contact investigating officers on 0115 8446912 or call the confidential 'Crimestoppers' hotline on 0800 555111.

'Evil cannot be put right'

THE SHATTERED family of murder victim Marvyn Bradshaw say their lives can never return to normal.

In a statement after seeing their son's killer jailed for life at Nottingham Crown Court, they spoke of relief but said they would never recover from the "horrific" death of Marvyn.

The statement, released by parents Christine and Lyndon and brother Curtis, said: "Because of the actions of Michael O'Brien, our son is dead. What he did has caused our family immense misery. O'Brien murdered Marvyn, an innocent man, in the most horrific way imaginable.

"He didn't even know Marvyn's name when he shot him dead. The fact that he shot the wrong man is no consolation to us. However long he spends in prison, it will never put right the evil he has committed.

"A prison sentence will not bring Marvyn back to us. We have to live the rest of our lives without him and the thought of that is terrifying.

"Throughout this ordeal, all that we have wanted is to see justice done for Marvyn.

"Thankfully justice has now been done."