Colourful murals depict school’s core values

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A COLOURFUL mural has been unveiled at a Hucknall school to represent key values it says children should live by.

The innovative idea has been commissioned by Hucknall National Primary School on Montague Road.

A dozen panels, which are in the style of stained-glass windows, have gone up in the main hall.

Each one features an image designed by youngsters to represent a particular value.

Examples include:

COMPASSION which is illustrated by an adult caring for a young child;

GENEROSITY, which is depicted by an apple tree bearing lots of fruit;

RESPECT, which is illustrated by a group of people sitting down and listening attentively;

PERSEVERANCE, which features a gardener trying to grow a little plant;

AND HOPE, which has a central feature of a lighthouse guiding a boat into shore.

Head teacher Liz Youngman said: “The panels are absolutely wonderful and look fantastic. There was an audible gasp when they were unveiled.

“A lot of pupils, parents and staff have commented on how wonderful they are.”

The project for the panels was launched with a challenge to children to come up with their designs around the 12 core values.

Every youngster was involved initially. Artist Jai Gilchrist-Clarke, who lives in Hucknall and has a child at the school, then came on board with the scheme.

After she created the panels, which are on board, up to 50 children helped finish off the decoration.

The values depicted on the mural are taught to children through assemblies and work in the classroom.

Support has come from the Southwell and Nottingham Diocese.

The project is also part of celebrations to mark the 200th anniversary of the National Society — a church initiative to promote education for the masses. National Primary gets its name from the society.

OUR PHOTO shows (from left) pupils Bayleigh Miles, Milly Barnett-Simpson, Callum Thompson and Samuel Thorley showing off the murals with artist Jai Gilchrist-Clarke and Claira Meese, director of education foer the Southwell and Nottingham Diocese — DISPIC NHUD11-2908-2.